Totalità.it - ​​The 5 deadly mistakes that women must avoid in the summer regarding clothing

2022-10-25 19:40:43 By : Mr. Ma Jian

Giovanni F. Accolla, Franco Cardini, Domenico Del Nero, Giordano Bruno Guerri, Gennaro Malgieri, Gennaro Sangiuliano, Mirella Serri, Marcello Veneziani.Yesterday we talked about the mistakes you absolutely must not commit in the summer regarding men's clothing and accessories.Today is the time for women.In fact, it is not easy to get an extremely refined and trendy look at this time of year.This is easier said than done.The heavy slips of style are the order of the day and always, constantly lurking, immediately ready to convert a glamorous clothing into a real image collapse.Summer fashion, as already mentioned in yesterday's article dedicated to boys, is absolutely in the name of casual, lightness and fresh.The hot months, which in 2014 tend to be a bit too long, are the ones most loved by girls and mature women as they can show off garments and accessories "not allowed" in the colder seasons.And this desire to dare beyond the limit can lead to real horrors to be avoided at any cost.The micro-costume that showcases everything ... what should be coveredThere are many girls or even mothers of these who, in order to appear sexy and stand out from the others, on the beach undoubtedly choose the micro swimsuit.Apart from the fact that these few centimeters of fabric are truly inelegant and bring closer and closer to the multicolor world of the adjacent umbrella's tamarra, it must still be said that we must be very careful not to show more than necessary, as it is very easy to notice various types of tufts that sprout from micro thongs, cellulite pads, breasts remade in the wind, and hopping lower back.Bon ton is an indispensable secret of life that allows you to live it with more ease and charm, and contains rules that are often not written.One of them is: never leave your bra at home.It is well known that in the summer you sweat a lot and no girl wants to leave the house with cups and laces, straps and the like, but going to a party or a pool party without a bra is categorically forbidden.The big fashion brains have done everything to make sandal-boots become objects of “glamor”.They tried to make the woman "horrifying" at the time of year she adores most.And, again with reference to stylists, there are those who opt for closed shoes in the summer, even with a built-in sock.Do not let yourself be attracted by these smoke sellers and definitely bet on sandals, for a chic, fresh and comfortable look.The tight-fitting dresses, produced with synthetic fabricsIn the summer there should be a law that prohibits synthetic fabrics and those who do not respect it will be obliged to watch the reruns of the broadcasts “Ma come ti vesti”, conducted by the talkative Enzo Miccio and Carla Gozzi, for 100 consecutive times.Seriously, the use of synthetic clothes tends to give off bad smells, either because they are often tight beyond any decency, or because they tend to highlight every small roll of flab put up during the winter.To be avoided like the plague!The leggings, it is useless to deny it, are liked by girls and mature women.The only prohibition to highlight is not to wear them too transparent and walk through the streets of the center or of the holiday resort with the briefs in plain sight or ... something else, for those who do not use panties.There is nothing more vulgar and gross in the world of fashion!Word of Lord Brummell!Posted by Climbing Dynamic Rope with Buckle on 10/25/2022 07:44:48conex house Climbing Dynamic Rope with BucklePosted by Rotary Welding Machine on 10/17/2022 03:42:50 AMStainless Steel Nipple Drinker Rotary Welding MachinePosted by apg clamping machine on 10/16/2022 09:35:49Copper Sulphate Factory apg clamping machinePosted by Educational Book Printing on 10/14/2022 13:41:32Ceiling Expansion Joint Educational Book PrintingPosted by Biodegradable Wet Wipes on 10/04/2022 03:58:40Devlon Ball Valve Seat Biodegradable Wet WipesPosted by Silicone Sealing Ring on 09/30/2022 13:40:454 Oz Funnel Cone Paper Cups Silicone 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